How To See My Reviews On Google Play Store: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To See My Reviews On Google Play Store

People write a review on the Google Play Store to express their own opinion. Many people get idea about apps through this review. Both good and bad sides can be understood by it. But many times own reviews are not seen. It does not display properly if you do not follow the correct procedure. Today we will know about how to see your review on Google Play Store. Besides, by this people get direction so it is a much more important matter. Not only that, I will also know whether the same rules are included in the case of mobile and web.

What Is Review On Google Play Store?

You try something and finally give it a critique, hence the review. Reviews can be both good and bad. The service of the thing used by it is known. Now if it is about apps from google play store then it considers the pros and cons of apps.

Generally Google Play Store has these different types of apps. Just as Amazon is a huge platform for shopping, there are also many books, games, and many other service-based apps. So Buy Google reviews are reviewed to check the authenticity of such apps before going to the service. That is, it is also used as a means of verifying the truth. Nowadays most of the people rely on it for services.

How To See My Reviews On Google Play Store:

Reviews can be viewed in two ways. It can be seen on mobile and also on the web. Today I will discuss both methods separately. The steps of how to view reviews on mobile are discussed below.

Open the Google Play Store App

First you should open your android device. Then tap your google play store. Finally getting all apps and being try to fullfill your achievement.

Access Your Profile

Then there is an icon on the right side of Google Play Store. Click on that icon to see your profile. As a result, you have entered your profile.

Manage Apps & Device

After entering your profile you will click on Manage apps & device option. As a result, you can see all the apps you have installed and manage them if you want.

Navigate to the “Manage” Tab

Then if you click on the Manage tab, all the apps you have installed will appear in front of you. Later you will know these details with the help of it.

Filter by Reviews

Click on the filter icon. Clicking on this icon gives the review option. After selecting the review option, a list of the apps you have reviewed will appear in front of you.

View and Edit Reviews

Now that you can see your list of reviews, you can select any one of them to view the details. You can also edit this if you want, or change the rating or even delete your review if you want.

Above we know how to view your review on Google Play Store with mobile. Now we will know how to view your reviews on the web.

Visit the Google Play Store Website

To go to the Google Play Store, first you need to open the browser of your choice. After that, you have to write and search in Google Play Store. Only then will it come forward.

Sign In

First you need to sign in your ID to write a review. If you are not signed in, it is not possible to write a review. Now click the icon on the right side to sign in the ID. Now you need to sign in if your profile is not signed in.

Access “My Play activity”

Again you need to click on profile icon. Now in front of you “My Play activity” option actually click on it. Now you can see all your activities very easily.

Go to “Reviews”

Now there is a review option on the side. By clicking on this option you can see all your reviews. When and where a review has been written on any app comes to the fore.

Manage Your Reviews

As before you can see all your reviews in these steps. You can change your review if you want. You can delete it again if you want. It will totally depend on you.

Tips for Managing Your Reviews

  • Keep your reviews up-to-date: However, reviews must be kept up to date. If necessary, the review should be changed. Besides, many times apps are updated, if you want to increase the rating, you can increase it.
  • Be specific: Reviews must be genuine. It does, however, carry a specific meaning. So if this is true it would be beneficial for the developer to understand.
  • Be respectful: While doing the review, it should be taken care that it should be in polite language. Please refrain from rude comments. Reviews should be given in a nice and polite manner so that no one else’s respect is lost.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ):

How Does Google Review Work?

It gives an idea about apps. As a result, people get an idea about their services by seeing the reviews and take the services.

How to write a review on Google Play Store?

While using the app, there are many options to give a review on the app. Then click on that option to give review and rating.

Why doesn’t Google Play show reviews?

Many times the user decides to delete it. If he removes it on his own, it is no longer visible.


Reviews are very important in Google Play Store because developers update their apps through it. So a lot depends on this review. So always give honest reviews. Again, when apps are updated, you have to change your review. Because then it is not useful at that time. So you have to pay attention to your reviews. Review check should be given on mobile or web. As a result, others will also have a proper idea about the app.


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