Can You Have More Than One Linkedin Account? Everything You Need To Know

Can You Have More Than One Linkedin Account

Everyone wants to be professionally connected with everything from student life. And LinkedIn is the perfect platform for this. With the help of this any person can be connected with many people in a professional way. It is a good social media if career focus is the main objective. Although many people are still not familiar with this, so everyone should understand and know about this. Many people do not know how to open a LinkedIn account. Is this really possible or reasonable? In today’s article we will know about whether anyone can open more than one account on LinkedIn.

What Is Linkedin?

It is a kind of social platform which helps a lot in career building. From a professional point of view, it is much more effective. Presently, from students to many high-ranking executives are associated with it. Apart from this, ideas are also available for many jobs. As a result, more or less everyone is now associated with it or wants to be. Especially students should maintain it well. As a result, it will be possible to focus more on career.

Can You Have More Than One Linkedin Account?

According to LinkedIn’s agreement, it is reasonable for a person to have an account. More than one account is not acceptable. Because if a person has more than one account, then the question arises about his authenticity. But many times many people use multiple accounts to promote their business. In that case, the page can be opened and promoted from one account.

There are several reasons why an account is considered reasonable. It was discussed.

Consistency and Trust:

If the account is one then trust comes to the person. Not only trust is created but also trust increases. Sometimes it helps a lot in career growth. But if one has many accounts then a kind of doubt is created. In fact, other people get into trouble with this account, which is one’s own account. So having an account is preferred.

Simplified Management:

It’s easier to manage a LinkedIn account if it’s one person. Other tasks are easily performed by it. And by maintaining an account, everyone else can easily understand it. So everyone gives importance to it.

Avoiding Confusion:

Better to use a LinkedIn account to clear doubts. Having too many accounts is against the policy and creates a problem for all orphans. As a result it creates more problems instead of career growth of the person. As a result, a kind of trouble arises.

Policy Violation:

Having more than one account is a policy violation. Because having more than one account in the statement is considered as a violation of the rules. So many times account can also be disabled. So it is better to use an account following the rules.

Brand Dilution:

More than one account often reduces its value. As a result, increasing professional connections becomes much more difficult. Even promoting one’s own brand at times becomes difficult.

Potential Benefits of Multiple Accounts

Although having more than one account is so much trouble, many people use two or more accounts. Although it has so many disadvantages, it also has some advantages. And that are:

  • Segmenting Professional and Personal Interests:

Many people use two accounts to keep their personal and professional lives separate. Through this he can highlight both his work karma. Many people do not want to combine personal life with professional life. It is very effective for them. So they use two accounts.

  • Targeted Networking:

Sometimes more than one account is used to promote one’s brand or business. Leaders usually work with two quants to capture the target customer. In this case it acts as a beneficial medium for them.

  • Managing Career Transitions:

Many times the figure of turning their career is 2cha. Whenever there is a turning point in the career, many people create another account and want to turn their career in that direction. This is a method that works for them.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ):

What happens if you have two LinkedIn accounts?

If LinkedIn deems this to be against policy, they can disable two of the person’s accounts. Due to this both the personal and professional life of the person will be exposed to damage.

How do I add a second account in LinkedIn?

First, go to the menu option of the account and click on the Add New button there. Next you have to open a new account with your email and password. If the password is not given then the new account is not opened.

Can two people use LinkedIn at the same time?

Of course you can use it. As long as only two people want it, countless people can use it at one time. Multiple people can run it at the same time from different computers, tablets, mobiles.

Can I use one LinkedIn account on two devices?

Anyone can use one account on multiple devices. It does not have to follow any other rules. But we think it is better not to use many devices at once. It often does more harm than good. There is a possibility of account hacking.

Do LinkedIn accounts expire?

The account will not be closed until someone applies for the closure of their own account. So it is possible to run your own account with peace of mind. However, if you do something against the rules, there is a tendency to disable the account. So it is very important to be careful in these cases.


It is one of the mediums of career growth due to which almost anyone benefits professionally. It is maintained by people from students to high professionals. Many people want to open two or more accounts on LinkedIn. It is sometimes anti-policy but other times it is very effective. Everything from brand promotion to target customer capture can be done through it. Today we learned that a person can have more than one LinkedIn account. It has many disadvantages but it also has many advantages as we know it today.


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