Can You Buy Reviews On Google? Understanding The Ethical Considerations

Can You Buy Reviews On Google

Nowadays we are completely dependent on Google to know anything. From shopping to any business, we get ideas from Google. That’s why the most important thing is the Google rating. Now a question arises in the mind of many people and that is whether Google rating can be bought. Because most people are interested in taking any service starting from shopping after seeing the Google rating. So in today’s article, we will know can you buy reviews on Google.

What Do You Mean By Reviews On Google?

People buy products or services from different sites. They give feedback on the site of the service or product that they are getting whether it is actually beneficial for them. They give it different ratings. He often comments. By this, it is known whether the site offers good service. This is called Google Review. With the help of this, any business gets recognition.

Can You Buy Reviews On Google?

Yes, anyone can buy reviews on Google. Google reviews this is illegal and Google can remove his account if he wants. And if someone reviews it, it goes. But it may cause problems with ID. However, there are some sites that sell real reviews from customers. Buy Bulk Account Shop is one such site that sells real reviews. In this case, the customer is less likely to be cheated. As a result, the trust on it increases. By doing this, customers are interested in buying the product or service.

There are many business accounts that offer good products or services. But their Google reviews are very low. In that case, if they or all accounts buy reviews, it will not affect them badly and customers will not be cheated. Because they will easily gain recognition in front of everyone with reviews. They can promote their business in a better way. In this case Buy Bulk Account Shop plays an important role. They help businesses gain high level exposure by selling reviews. As a result, business is promoted and customers are attracted to new products or services.

The Risk of Getting Caught

  • Account Suspension: If Google can understand that the reviews are bought then the account will be suspended. If the account is suspended, the account may be permanently deleted later.
  • Review Removal: Google often deletes all reviews if it detects fake reviews. Because the customer may be cheated by it. Many times many sites buy reviews to promote their sites. But they cannot serve that way. As a result, they are deceived. That’s why Google removes fake reviews immediately.
  • Decreasing Consumer Trust: If Google buys fake reviews on an account and later if the customers can understand it, then their trust in the account decreases. They hesitate to buy a product or service. As a result, their distrust towards that business is reduced. At one time they stopped taking this service from there.
  • Deception: This is a form of deception. So Google can permanently delete or ban his ID if it wants. As a result, the company suffers a lot of losses.

Alternative Strategies for Genuine Reviews

Provide Excellent Service:

If the service is given best then there is no need to buy reviews. Customers are happy and give good reviews, thus promoting the company completely. Besides, seeing these reviews, other customers are attracted and interested in taking the service.

Encourage Satisfied Customers:

If the customer is satisfied with the service, then there is no need to buy reviews and Google does not disable the account. As a result, the business is promoted and more customers are easily attracted.

Engage with Feedback:

If the reviews, whether good or bad, can be presented well, companies can easily resolve their mistakes in court. It has a positive effect on them. Besides, it is easy to understand after seeing the feedback whether the product is good or bad. So there is a need for it.

Leverage Social Media and Email:

Social media and email can be used for reviews. It helps in some kind of campaign. It is also used to remind customers.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ):

How much do Google reviews cost?

The cost of Google reviews varies depending on the number of reviews. Sometimes it is much higher if the number of reviews is high. Sometimes the price is reduced if the reviews are low. It totally depends on the Google account.

Can Google detect fake reviews?

Most of the time Google catches fake reviews. Then many times the account has a lot of problems. This increases the chances of the account losing its real customers.

Can you pay someone to do Google reviews?

Although it is illegal, many companies now pursue it. They do orphans just to increase their publicity. Many also do this to increase the number of buyers. Customers are not cheated if the company does not provide bad products or services.

Can Google remove old reviews?

If someone wants to remove reviews from his account then he has to go through some processing. Anyone cannot directly delete reviews at will. This is followed by illegal activities.

How do I know if Google reviews are fake?

Pay attention to the details in the review, look at the complexity of words, check for repeated exclamation points, examine the reviewer’s name and avatar, flag reviews without comments, etc. It can be easily identified if it is a fake review or not by following, etc.


Google reviews are very important to know the status of any account. By this, the good and bad sides of the account can be easily understood. Besides, customers can easily know the service or concept relationship through it. So many companies buy reviews out of necessity. The question that comes up again and again is whether Google reviews can be bought. One such site is Buy Bulk Account Shop who sell reviews that are not fake. And easily by this, they can attract buyers.There are many good sites that sell reviews. They can be verified if desired.


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